Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Portrait of a house and its occupants

Three sickly looking kids and a non-dog pony

tight grip

Very stiff family

Three kids

day trip

One soldier

Shaggy dog

R. Goodman 1907

Pointy nose lady

German sailor

girl in sunday dress

two women in black

woman at fence

Dog on gentlemans table

Family at arbor

man with gun on porch

mom and daughter


BIG dog

This kid seems to know what he's doing

This kid is about to get hurt.

Nice Vignette.

On the boat from Germany


The hunting party


bear skin rug

Cool hat!

looks like her dog, kinda....


Kid with bike

Goat bearded man

fly boy

Chow time for 5 puppies

Modern Childless Family

smokin' a pipe!

sailor boy

The burro photo contains no dog, but was purchased with the dog photo.

Nice looking lady, she has her dogs sweet eyes.

Looks like a dog I used to have named Nillson.

Laughing boy,

Japanese Street Sweeper?

Handstand in the hand

Bushel of pups


First photo!

This is my collection of dog photos, starting with this photo of one lucky dog. He never would have made it all the way to shore from where he is.